There Are Over 214 Million Facebook Users In The USA.

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Facebook Advertising Works

Facebook advertising allows businesses of all sizes and specialties to advertise their products and services. As well as brand to a highly targeted custom audiences based on behaviors, interests & demographics. Including, through website traffic & email marketing databases.

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Reach New Customers

Increase Your Sales

Get Maximum Brand Exposure

Effective Ads

Ad creation: copy and graphic design

Advanced Targeting

Audience targeting & advanced retargeting audiences


Strategic Campaign Building for local yoga studios, ecommerce & online sales

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Analytics Tracking

Advanced Facebook Pixel tracking for ROI reporting


Full Ad Management, Optimization & Campaign Reporting

Dynamic Ads

Product Advertising for sales

Your Competition is Generating Leads Right Now on Autopilot using Facebook Ads!

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These are just some of the many advertisements competitors are running. There is a reason why businesses market on Facebook.

It works!

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Facebook Advertising
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Most Businesses Are Doing Facebook Ads WRONG

We see it everyday…..businesses that think they are doing it right when it’s all wrong. Here are some typical campaigns:

  • Boosted Posts. You’re just giving Facebook money. They don’t turn into cost effective leads.
  • Basic Targeting Tools. Age, sex, location…..really? Sometimes we might see interests but we rarely ever see custom audiences or look a like’s.
  • Sending leads to their homepage. Basically, a waste of marketing dollars.
  • Not having a tracking pixel. Honestly, if you did nothing else right this would be a major factor in your blind success.

Don’t worry if this is you. We see large brands and popular companies making these mistake and they’re still wondering how our clients keep beating them at new customer acquisition.

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